Blockchain + Customer Loyalty = Bitlle Lab

Bitlle Lab is the team of enthusiasts and professionals, dealing with research and development at the junction of blockchain technology and the industry of customers loyalty

Loyalty Coin Offering (LCO)

The main activity type of the laboratory. The model and the protocol, which allow to gain tokens of the company during its life-time. And it happens due to algorithm, acknowledged and processing in Blockchain, but not as per the will of any Managing body. The holders may keep them as investments, exchange them to the goods or services, or simply sell them at the Exchange.

Pilot Project

We created Cash Back service which is allowing users today to make purchases in thousands of online stores worldwide and to receive fiat cash back for this along with Bitlle tokens for the loyalty. Our development is tested and it will be tested firstly on this project.

Try our technology!

Bitlle tokens

This is the internal Crypto-asset of Bitlle project. It is similar to bitcoin but additionally it is supported by the economic activity of the specific company. Token can be acquired in return for the purchases proceeded via our service, or for being our partner, as well as for registration in our project. The more developed is our project, the more valuable is a token. And respectively, you can sell it at a higher price, or exchange it for goods and services.


All results of our research and development will be used for building decentralized platform for online/offline businesses.
We believe that the future belongs to DAO-like structures, and in our opinion, the clients loyalty is the best point for penetration of decentralized innovations.

Partnership and Cooperation

If you like what we do and you would like to participate or become our partner, please, feel free to send your ideas to, and join our community in Telegram.